Revised Goals - 2017/2018

For some time now, we had been soliciting donations to build new toilets for the students at our Dompoase school.  As some of you had seen on the website, the current restroom building is very old and needed to be replaced.  We had raised almost $8,000 over the past couple of years and we thank each and every one of you for your support.

We received a call from Mr. Frimpong, the manager of the school and grounds. He brought it to our attention that the current wire mesh fence had been damaged and students from the adjacent schools and kids from the village had been climbing over and under the fence during the hours our school is closed. There had been some damage to the buildings and grounds.


Due to the condition of the fence, VODEP decided to suspend the construction of the new toilets.  After enough money is raised, we will build a cement wall around the school and cafeteria/library buildings, in order to protect the integrity of the buildings and grounds. 

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