Accomplishments - 2013
During 2013, we spent two and a half months in Ghana, in order to finish the library and prepare for the grand opening.  Over 7,000 books had been shipped from the U.S.A. and were in storage.  We spent weeks unpacking and sorting over 7,000 books.  We employed a carpenter to build several single and double bookcases, six tables with ten chairs each for the student, and two desks and chairs for the librarians.       

 Sorting over 7,000 books 


 Bookcases and Tables

After weeks of hard work, all the books were categorized and placed on the bookshelves.   






We also employed a sign painter who designed three large metal signs for the two buildings and also painted signs above the doorways.

 New signs for above doorways and sides of both the school and cafeteria/library buildings.


"It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller will never die in Africa, that all children in the world may experience the wonder of books, and that they will never lose the capacity to enlarge their earthly dwelling place with the magic of stories." - Nelson Mandela