Years 2019-2020
The VODEP organization intended to build new toilet facilities for both the students and the teachers last year, but due to the condition of the fence, this work was suspended.  The kindergarten students and teachers had to use the toilet facilities at the primary school, because the current toilet facilities were in disrepair and were becoming a safety hazard.
Construction of the new toilet facilities began in 2019.  Six toilet stalls and a sink were constructed for the kindergarten students.  The other section consists of three toilet stalls and sinks for the teachers and the Headmistress.  Along with the construction of the rooms for the toilets and the sinks, D & D Company Limited installed a sewage system and set up a water system to use with a poly tank. 

Tile was installed on the floors and walls of both the toilet facilities.   The septic tank and plumbing connections were completed.  The frame for the water tank stand was started and the water tank was purchased.  Tile was purchased for the water tank frame. 



The frame for the water tank was not completed during this period.  Although the tile for the stand had been purchased, all work was haulted due to the lockdown from the Coronavirus pandemic.
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