Nkosuohemaa of Dompoase Ceremony - 2013
Progress Queen of Dompoase
During the Grand Opening of the Dompoase Kindergarten Complex, Nana Adoma Serwaa, Asante Hemaa Gyaaseheme, Queen Mother and the Elders of Dompoase gave the Asante traditional honor of enstooling Nana Joanna as Nkosuohemaa of Dompoase for the work she, her husband Agyeman Boakye Danquah and the Village of Dompoase Education Project (VODEP) organization have done for their village.
The Dompoase royal name given to Nana Joanna is Nana Amma Adjeiwaa

 Enstoolment Process during the Grand Opening
  • Nana Osei, an elder of Dompoase, introduced Nana Joanna and Agyeman Boakye Danquah to the audience during the Grand Opening.  Nana Osei stated that we built the school and cafeteria/library buildings, along with the VODEP organization in the U.S.A.  
  • During an enstoolment, royal traditional shoes and cloth, umbrella, and stool are officially presented to the new queen or chief of a village.  Nana Joanna was presented with these items.  Also, Agyeman Boakye Danquah was given royal traditional shoes and cloth in appreciation for his support to Nana Joanna and the Village of Dompoase. 
  • The Queen Mother of Dompoase traditionally instructed Nana Joanna to stand/sit three times on her stool, the third time which signifies the permanent title and recognition as Nkosuohemaa to the people of Dompoase and the whole Asante nation.


Presentation of Regalia

Standing/Sitting Three Times

After the official enstoolment process, Nana Amma Adjeiwaa (Nana Joanna) and Agyeman Boakye Danquah were presented to the audience with gratitude.  Nana Adoma Serwaa, Queen Mother of Dompoase; Queen Mother of Chirapatre (neighboring village); Linguist, Elders, and numerous family members congratulated us for our benevolent deed for Dompoase.

 Official Acknowledgement



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