Accomplishments - 2011
The Cafeteria/Dining Hall and Library are almost done!!!   Tables and benches to seat 150 students have been built and placed in the seating area of the Cafeteria/Dining Hall.  Security gates were installed on the first floor to both protect the small children from falling and also to guard against vandalism.        

Tables and Benches   


Security Gates

Both floors of the new building have been painted inside and out. Also, the kindergarten building was repainted to match the new Cafeteria/Dining Hall and Library building.

Cafeteria/Dining Hall and Library   

Kindergarten School


Front View of Cafeteria and Library

View of School and Cafeteria/Library

Trees, flowers, plants, and grass seedlings were also planted.

New garden and grass to beautify the school grounds.


"It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller will never die in Africa, that all children in the world may experience the wonder of books, and that they will never lose the capacity to enlarge their earthly dwelling place with the magic of stories." - Nelson Mandela