Years 2021-2022

Last year, work at the school was halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  After restrictions were lifted, we finished the construction of the water tank stand, covered it in tiles, and placed the water tank on top. 

Water Tank

Septic Tank

After 14 years of wear and tear, the concrete floors in the classrooms and cafeteria started breaking down, which became a safety hazard.  With the help of friends and family who continue to support the school project in Dompoase, we were able to purchase floor tiles for the three classrooms, Headmistress office, and the cafeteria.  The stairs at the entrance of the classrooms and the cafeteria were also upgraded with tile.     

Broken Cement on Floor

New Tile in Cafeteria


New Tile in Classroom

Installing New Tile on Stairs

The small playground in the back of the school was renovated.  The old playground equipment was repaired, and four new playground equipment apparatuses were built. 
We have started soliciting donations to replace the roof on both buildings.  Although we have received some donations, the cost of replacing both will be very expensive.  In the meantime, we have used part of the donations to patch the areas of the roof that were leaking, and will continue our solicitations until we are able to replace both roofs. 
"It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller will never die in Africa, that all children in the world may experience the wonder of books, and that they will never lose the capacity to enlarge their earthly dwelling place with the magic of stories." - Nelson Mandela