Accomplishments - 2015/2016

During 2015, VODEP installed electricity conduits and connected to the city electrical grid. After this project was completed, we were able to install lights and ceiling fans in both the cafeteria and library. Now that we have electricity available in the library, we were able to set up stations for eight computers that were donated to the school.

VODEP also repainted both the inside and outside of the school and the cafeteria/library buildings.  The weather in Ghana is tropical -- very hot and humid, with a lot of rain -- so the paint on the school and cafeteria/library buildings fade quicker.  

During 2016, VODEP connected water pipes to the main city water line. Now the children have running water for washing their hands after they eat and play, and the matron is now able to serve meals in the cafeteria for the students.

"It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller will never die in Africa, that all children in the world may experience the wonder of books, and that they will never lose the capacity to enlarge their earthly dwelling place with the magic of stories." - Nelson Mandela