Goals - 2019/2020
VODEP's goal for 2019/2020 is to construct two new toilet facilities.  Currently, the kindergarten students and teachers are using the toilet facilities at the primary school because the current toilet facilities are in disrepair and have become a safety hazard.
One section will consist of six toilet stalls and a sink for the kindergarten students and one section will consist of three toilet stalls and sinks for the teachers and headmistress.  During our trip to the school in September 2019, we met with a plumber and a contractor to get the estimates.  The School Committee decided to utilize the empty space behind the two stairwells in the back, leading upstairs to the library, for the construction of the toilets instead of the high cost of building two new separate buildings in the back for the toilets.  D & D Company Limited, the company that we will employ, will install a sewage system.

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